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AstroBrand™ Written in the Stars - Intro to How to Read Your Natal Chart for Business

Written In The Stars LIVE is a mini- training that shares foundational and empowering your to How to Read Your Natal Chart for Business using the AstroBrand™ Method by:

  • Expanding your possibilities (aka blows your mind)
  • Amplifying your energy (aka stops limiting beliefs)
  • Giving you a solid footing of astrology (aka easy to understand)
  • Being accessible for all learners (aka easy to use and accessible)
  • Creating an innovative perspective (aka no to the status quo)

If you’re ready to begin leveraging astrology in your Work, start with this training to understand the foundational building blocks of the AstroBrand™ Method. 

At the end of this mini training you’ll be able to:

  • Understand traditional and Work meanings of planets, zodiacs, houses and aspects so you can begin discovering parts of your own chart. 
  • Find degrees and houses on your own natal chart allowing you to personalize horoscopes and forecasts to your unique energy.
  • Start connecting the dots to lead by your chart with more confidence and clarity. 
  • See your chart and your Changemaking Work in a new way - mind blown! 
  • Begin changing limiting self beliefs to make decisions more easily by understanding the natal and collective energies at play.

Ready to lead by your chart?


This training is a prerequisite to Star Powered 4-week intensive using my AstroBrand™ method.

What People Are Saying:

Leslie, Thank you so much for this challenge! It's been so illuminate to me and make sos much sense! This challenge was so incredibly helpful in explaining all of that , along with looking at which houses my planets fall into. It's unlocked so much for me.

Nikki S.

This was really fun. So many cool ways to tap into knowledge.

Michele P.

You teach in wonderful ways that I finally get what those 3 qualities (cardinal, fixed, mutable) are. I am starting to appreciate and enjoy astrology!

Kami B.

Until I met you, I never had thought about it in the way you teach it. I love love love how you share and learned so much from this challenge.

Asha Frost