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AstroBrand™ Written in the Stars - Intro to How to Read Your Natal Chart for Business

Written In The Stars" is a foundational introductory training to help you read and redefine the symbols in your birth chart using my innovative AstroBrand® Method.


It's an inclusive and empowering approach that replaces outdated, judgmental, colonized astrology archetypes.


After learning this method you'll feel:

✨ Empowered instead of prohibited,
🌈 Unique instead of a copy,
🔮 Guided instead of guessing,
💖 Validated instead of resistant, and
🌌 Destined instead of fated.


Start your journey by exploring the foundational building blocks of the AstroBrand® Method. 📚


If you’re ready to begin leveraging astrology in your Work, start with this training to understand the foundational building blocks of the AstroBrand® Method.
At the end of this mini-training you’ll be able to

  • Understand traditional and Work meanings of planets, zodiacs, houses, and aspects so you can begin discovering parts of your own chart.
  • Find degrees and houses on your own natal chart allowing you to personalize horoscopes and forecasts to your unique energy.
  • Start connecting the dots to lead by your chart with more confidence and clarity.
  • See your chart and your Changemaking Work in a new way – mind blown!
  • Begin changing limiting self-beliefs to make decisions more easily by understanding the natal and collective energies at play.


Ready to lead by your chart?


This training is a prerequisite to the rest of my AstroBrand® Courses.

What People Are Saying:

“This course introduced me to astrology like never before, Leslie Tagorda is brilliant and this course is a game changer, I cannot recommend it highly enough!! It is worth every penny and more!”

Christina J

“I was honestly amazed at how much my chart showed that I was on the right path. Thank you for this program! Learning how to look at astrology from a business and entrepreneurial perspective was so interesting. After taking this course, I feel so validated in my Work!”

Cecilia V.

You teach in wonderful ways that I finally get what those 3 qualities (cardinal, fixed, mutable) are. I am starting to appreciate and enjoy astrology!

Kami B.

Until I met you, I never had thought about it in the way you teach it. I love love love how you share and learned so much from this challenge.

Asha Frost